25 Days of Gabi- Daily YouTube Videos!

I am posting a video every single day leading up to Christmas as part of my #25DaysofGabi series! This is kind of my version of vlogmas, and I am also doing multiple giveaways throughout the month. Instead of making separate posts like I have been doing, I decided to compile all the videos in this one post to make it easier for you guys to find the videos!

I will be posting a vlog every sunday and every friday will be a video with my family. I feel like this will be a great way to get to know me, my friends and my family better. So I hope you like it!

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Day 1: How to Theme Your Instagram for the holidays

Day 2: Christmas Target, Home Goods & Dollar Store Haul

Day 3: NYC Vlog 1: Tree Lighting, LV Gala & The Nutcracker

Day 4: 3 Super Inexpensive & Easy Christmas DIYs

Day 5: December Plan With Me

Day 6: Winter Trend Roundup- Top 5 Winter Trends

Day 7: My Holiday/ Birthday Makeup Routine

Day 8: Vegan Christmas Baking: Cookie Skillet + Banana Bread

Day 9: Trying Pinterest DIY Christmas Gifts with Mom!

Day 10: NYC Vlog 2: Rebecca, Pink Pop-Up, Moving Nanny

Day 11: Christmas Q & A

Day 12: 4 Christmas Decor DIY’s that actually Look Good! AND all under $5!

Day 13: NYC Vlog 3: Birthday Dinner with my Friends

Day 14: 27th & 7th NYC

Day 15: DIY Salt Dough Ornaments with my Cat & Guinea Pigs

Day 16: 3 Creative Holiday Present Wrapping DIYs

Day 17: NYC Vlog 3: 5th Ave Shopping, Saks Windows & Central Park Snow

Day 18: My Winter Morning Routine

Day 19: 18 Interesting Christmas Facts

Day 20: NYC Vlog 4: Seeing Dear Evan Hansen with Hillary Clinton

Day 21: Making a Gingerbread House with Cassidy

Day 22: All Time Favorite Makeup, Beauty and Skincare Products

Day 23: How I Decorated My Christmas Tree

Day 24: 10 Winter Holiday Outfit Ideas: Casual + Fancy

Day 25: Reacting to Old Christmas Photos

xoxo Gabriela