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Hi everyone!

After 3 years, 100 posts and many name changes later, I am proud to welcome you to my little corner of the internet.

ineedmoreclothes.com is designed to inspire and encourage you all to be your beautiful selves. It is a place for me to express my style, share things that make me happy and teach you how to navigate the sometimes confusing, but always fascinating, world of Fashion. Growing up, nothing I bought was full price, and I learned a lot of tricks on how to look like a million bucks, but without necessarily spending it- a skill that I want to pass onto you. Sometimes new trends can be tricky to interpret, but I am here to show you inexpensive ways to translate them into your wardrobe and your environment.

Since starting this blog, I have learned a lot, not just about the fashion industry, but about myself as a person. My style has matured and changed a lot since then, and my views on writing, fashion and the world has certainly changed with it. But it still feels like yesterday when I made a free WordPress site during Biology class (sorry Mrs. Wilson!) and took my first step into the fashion and blogging industry.

I am constantly being inspired by the movies I see, the places I travel and especially the books that I read. In the future, I want to make more video components to go along with the outfit posts that I create to further explain the mood and inspiration around it, and show how you can re-create the look in your life. I always say that I am a 60 year old housewife stuck in a younger persons body, because I love DIY projects, home decor and books- 3 components that I wish to share more about on here.

I am currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, to learn more about the fashion industry and connect with other creative-minded people with the same passions as me.

As for the name; “I need more clothes” was always something that me and my mom would say to each other right before we would go hunting for bargains and deals. And who wouldn’t want more clothes?!

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I am so grateful for all the experiences this site has opened up for me and so excited to continue grow in the future!

xoxo Gabriela

Feel free to comment/message/email me with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have to make this site better and more helpful 🙂