Cookie Dough NYC: It’s DOlicious

Ever dream of living in a world filled with edible cookie dough? Yea, me too. If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram lately, you have probably seen videos of a sweet shop selling edible cookie dough like it was ice cream. This place is called Cookie Dough Confections, or Cookie DO, and it is located in Greenwhich Village, just blocks away from Washington Square Park.

New York City is home to multiple dessert obsessions: cronuts, rolled ice cream and mini gourmet donuts. But this will definitely take the cake (pun intended) of your new favorite sweet treat. They use a pasturized egg mix and heat treated flour so it is completely safe to eat however much you want! And believe me, you will want more.

They have pre-decided combinations of flavors that you can choose from, or you can mix and match your own. They also have gluten free, dairy free and vegan options so literally everyone will find something they like. You can even bring the dough home, stick it in the oven for 10-15 minutes and bake it into cookies!

The taste test…

I got one scoop of classic cookie dough and one scoop of vegan chocolate chip. The classic sugar cookie one was good, but it was a little bit too sweet for my taste. But, oh my god the chocolate chip was delicious! I would definitely recommend that. Also, for one sitting, two scoops was a little too much, but it did make for amazing leftovers.

Another thing I have to recommend to you is; DO NOT DROP YOUR DOUGH ON THE FLOOR- I did and I was very upset. I would also recommend that you get there early, you will most likely have to wait in line for an hour or two to get it, but it is a really cool experience.

If you don’t want to wait in the line for the dough, just do it for the Instagram, it really does make for an amazing picture.

xoxo Gabriela

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