My Favorite Foreign Beauty Products: French and British

favorite foreign beauty products

When I was abroad in Paris and London, I found that there were a lot of beauty and skincare products that we do not have here in the U.S. After a lot of research I picked up some products that I knew I needed to test out and see if they were worth the hype. And let me tell you, they are AMAZING! I am so sad we do not have them in stores in the United States, but they are all available online, so I have linked to them throughout this post. Here are the ones that I love, they really have become staples in my skincare and makeup routine, and that you need to try out!

favorite foreign beauty products

Nuxe Face Oil (Purchase Here)

Facial oils are the most recent trends in the skincare industry. Many of the popular oils are moroccan oil or argan oil. This one is a combination of Vitamin E and various plant oils that can be used on both your skin and your hair. It is a dry oil so it absorbs into your skin very quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy finish. Even if you have oily skin, I really recommend this product because it adds so much moisture. I usually mix this with my foundation, to thin out the coverage and create a dewy finish. And it smells SO GOOD, like vanilla and roses!

favorite foreign beauty products

Zoella Bath Fizz Bar (Purchase Here)

I am a huge fan of Zoe Sugg (creator of the YouTube channel Zoella), and I was super excited to go to England so I could try her beauty products. My favorite of her collection was the fizz bar. I love bath bombs, and this one was super fizzy and smelled AMAZING! It also has the most adorable packaging, and a lot of her products are finally being sold in the United States. If you are a fan of LUSH products you have to try out her beauty line!

favorite foreign beauty products

Embryolisse (Purchase Here)

This is my go-to moisturizer. I have always found it difficult to find a moisturizer that made a visible difference in my skin, but this one really has. Since using it, my skin has become much smoother and brighter. It has visibly made my skin look much younger and fresher. The biggest benefit that I have had from using this moisturizer is the redness in my face is almost completely gone. It also is the perfect texture, not too heavy and not too light, and it sinks into your skin so you are not left feeling greasy. This product is pretty easy to find online so if you are looking for a great moisturizer that is relatively inexpensive, TRY THIS ONE!

favorite foreign beauty products

Sleek Concealer (Purchase Here)

There are not that many British makeup brands that I saw, but Sleek cosmetics was one of the ones that was highly recommended to me. Their lipsticks are very popular, but I found this concealer palette and I fell in love. I love concealer palettes because it allows you to mix shades to find your perfect color. It also comes with a corrector shade to cancel out any redness or dark circles you may have. And this one was super inexpensive, is super creamy and easy to blend.

favorite foreign beauty products

Bettina Contour Kit (Purchase Here)

This is a little bonus product for you all; it’s from Puerto Rico. Bettina is a Puerto Rican makeup brand with really great products that are SUPER inexpensive. Contouring is my favorite part of my makeup routine, and I am very picky with the kits I use; this one is honestly one of my favorites. The colors are super pigmented and really easy to blend. I especially love the highlight shades, they are really bright and give your skin a natural glow.

Have you tried any foreign beauty products? Which are your favorite?
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Nuxe Face Oil

Zoella Fizz Bar


Sleek Concealer

Bettina Contour Kit