Her Conference 2017: My Thoughts on Her Campus’ Event

A weekend ago, July 22nd & 23rd, was Her Conference. A 2 day event hosted by Her Campus for college girls looking to learn more about different careers and network. There were panels and workshops related to many different fields, like public relations, marketing, media, blogging, book publishing and fashion. It’s incredibly women empowering; the speakers focus on motivating women to take control of their lives and support each other. I decided to write this super short post to tell you what I thought about the event!


This is the first year that they had panels focused on blogging, which I loved obviously because, ya know, I have a blog 😉 They had a book publishing panel on the first day, which was great because that industry isn’t really talked about. The panelists that they had worked at amazing companies, such as Scholastic, Conde Nast, NBC, Popsugar and Small Girls PR.

What I recommend the most about this event is to connect with the panelists. After each panel there is time to talk to them, ask quick questions and exchange contact information. Being super shy, I was very nervous to talk to anyone, but when I built up the courage to talk to one of the panelists (from Conde Nast) I realized that I had nothing to worry about. The panelists really are super sweet and want to help and give you advice, I only wish I had spoken up sooner.


So many amazing brands sponsored the event. Ulta was there doing people’s makeup and hair, which was really helpful because I had to wake up at 6am to get into the city and my hair was all over the place. The lunches were catered by Shake Shack and Panera Bread, which was AMAZING! And, there were snacks constantly on the shelves throughout the conference. Bed Head, Ulta, Madewell and Moleskine were just a few of the brands who donated for the gift bags. And let me tell you, the gift bags were AMAZING.

Overall Thoughts…

I had never gone to a Her Conference before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but this surpassed all my expectations. The whole vibe was extremely fun, positive and supportive. After the conference I felt so inspired and motivated and, full of #girlpower!

Did you go to Her Conference? What are your thoughts on the event?

xoxo Gabriela


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