Holiday Outfit #1- Under $100


I cannot believe the holidays are less than 2 weeks away! I feel like December has been the shortest month ever. All these holiday parties and dinners are coming up so I decided to be responsible and plan out my outfits early instead of scrambling for something to wear an hour before. Read on to see what I put together and for some inexpensive ways you can turn any outfit into something special for the holidays.


Shirt: Necessary Clothing
Coat: Zara


Pants: Mixology Clothing Company (RES Jeans)
Boots: Boohoo


Choker: Bella by Gabriela (aka ME 🙂


When the holidays come around, I always want to buy new clothes so that I walk into every party feeling flawless. Although my heart says yes, my bank account says no. The answer to that problem is accessorizing. Instead of completely buying a new outfit, I look for pieces that I can easily change up by adding different shoes, a coat or a necklace. The star choker that I am wearing is 100% handmade by me, perfect for the holidays and is only $11! (Check out more on

Sunglasses make any outfit instantly glam, and just because its winter doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them. Another way to glam up your outfit; drape your coat over your shoulders. You might be a little cold for a second, but your fellow fashionistas will love it.

Leather pants make everything fancier- but you know what’s even better? Pants that look like leather, but are really not. These RES denim jeans that I bought at Mixology give the same effect, and they were only $40 from the sale section. My new signature boots (are you tired of hearing about them yet?) were only $25 and the top from Necessary Clothing was only $10!!!!!!! The secret to my magic- the sale section. The key thing to look for when shopping the sale racks are colors- anything in a wintery color palette (think maroon, navy, black, green, grey) can be incorporated into your holiday wardrobe.

Need more holiday outfit ideas? New posts will be up next Tuesday and Thursday!!

xoxo Gabriela