Key Item for Spring 2018: Wide Leg Pants

It may seem a little too early to be talking about Spring when Fall has barely even begun, but in the fashion world it is already 2019 and you always want to be ahead of the trends! One of the key items we have been seeing for Spring 2018 are wide leg pants. After years and years of skin tight pants dominating the market, pants are now following a wider and more voluminous silhouette.

We started seeing this silhouette with the culotte style that everyone was wearing this summer. In Spring 2018, the fabrics are becoming a little more structured which completely changes the look. An easy way to style these is by pairing them with a slim top to offset the wide silhouette of the pants.

We are also seeing a differentiation in length come into play; some are more cropped and others are floor length. Many designers from ranging price points are all jumping onto this trend and creating pants in a wider silhouette. Denim is also a popular fabric used to make this style more casual and give it a more street style vibe.

Are you going to try wide leg pants?

xoxo Gabriela

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