Manus X Machina Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art



The Manus X Machina exhibit was one of the most comprehensive exhibits that I have seen from the curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The garments that were displayed came from a wide range of time periods and made by a wide range of designers. The exhibit was organized by material, such as leather, feathers, lace, floral, etc, and before each new section there was a short paragraph explaining how each different component was used in an innovative way. This made it very clear how certain fabrics were used to create new and exciting silhouettes that people at that respective time period had not seen before.

The way that the curators interpreted the meaning of “technology” was one of the most interesting parts of the exhibit. They displayed many garments that were 3D printed using the new current technology, however there were also revolutionary garments that were innovative in their own simple way, such as the new look by Christian Dior and the signature Chanel suit. These two examples are only a sample of the many designers that changed the way garments were made, started a new trend and eventually wrote their name in fashion history because of their innovative and daring ideas.

Overall, this exhibit did a wonderful job in compiling the most innovative and explorative designs created in these past couple of decades. They created an exhibit that both the avid fashionista and the jean and t-shirt kind of person could appreciate and enjoy- something that is very difficult to do in this day and age.

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xoxo Gabriela