abercrombie-jacket-2Abercrombie has been getting a really bad rep these days- and for good reason. Ad campaigns focusing on sex appeal and sizes that don’t include anyone over a size 6 might have worked a couple years ago, but they most certainly do not now. In an effort to try to rebrand themselves into a more inclusive, fun-loving brand, the company is launching new ad campaigns, hiring new employees and completely changing the company’s core values and beliefs.


Jeans: PacSun
Boots: Boohoo
Collared Shirt & Sweater: Uniqlo


It is a shame that problems with the company have to always overshadow the product a company produces. I always liked the clothes at Abercrombie- they were on trend, fit me really well (because I am a tiny human), and they had a lot of sales which brought their relatively high prices down. Since their re-branding, they have been even more on trend, producing everything from lace up shirts to oversized faux fur coats.


On black friday weekend, they were having amazing sales: I bought this puffy jacket that I absolutely love, and is waterproof, and because of their sales it only came out to $50! It is the easiest thing to just throw over any outfit and it keeps me warm and stylish at the same time. I love the bomber silhouette because it keeps me on trend, and the buttoned pockets make it even easier to keep track of my metro card (which I always leave lying around the house).

If you are on the fence about shopping there, you should definitely check it out- they are realizing their issues and are fixing them: and doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?? 🙂

xoxo Gabriela

P.S. Check out this post from last week to see more about my outfit 🙂