Skort Obsessed- My Go-To Summer Outfit

Summer without shorts is like peanut butter without jelly… Salt without pepper… Aaaaaand I’ve run out of analogies, but you know what I mean. The problem with shorts, is I can never quite find a pair that fits me well. This season, I have been seeing a ton of “shorts” that don’t look like shorts, like the ones I’m wearing from Missguided. What I love about them is you have the mobility you want from shorts, but aesthetically they look less casual and much more fashionable.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE  wearing a variation on the classic jeans and a t-shirt. This tee is everything you want and more, it is SUPER comfy and has ruffles for major style points. The fabric is very thin, so you definitely have to wear a bralette underneath, but it makes it super breathable for the warm weather. Also, the sleeves hit right at my elbows, which is a very flattering fit.

Everyone loves a good Gucci loafer imitation, but these from Primark are my favorites because of the bright white color. Not that many shoes are actually white, but these really are a true white. They do kind of pinch my heel a little while I walk, but I put a shoe backer on it (they literally save my life constantly, I have them in all of my shoes), and they fit perfectly now!

skort obsessed skort obsessed skort obsessed skort obsessed skort obsessedskort obsessed

What’s your go-to warm weather outfit? Do you like the whole skort trend?

xoxo Gabriela

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