Victoria Beckham X Target Review: Was it Worth the Hype?

victoria beckham x target

I love when designers collaborate with inexpensive retailers because it brings their merchandise to a new market. And allows all of us fashionistas on a budget buy amazing designer clothes without breaking the bank. This season, Victoria Beckham collaborated with Target and created a collection of pieces for both women and children. In honor of her daughter, she created a collection of outfits for women and a miniature version so their daughters can match their mothers. I always thought it was adorable when mom’s match their daughters, and apparently so does Victoria.  Great minds think alike, am I right?

This collaboration was not as sought after than Target’s other partnerships, but some pieces did end up selling out. One of the most popular pieces was a skirt with what I call “tails” attached to the bottom (pictured below). I did not wait on line for hours in anticipation like some, but I did visit the store a few hours after it opened. When I saw the collection, I was pleasantly surprised. The advertisements did not thrill me, but in person, the clothing was relatively good quality and the designs were very trendy.

victoria beckham x target

The biggest negative for me was the way the clothing fit; the items fit 3 sizes bigger than they should. A size 0 fit like a 4 on me. Now, this may be a positive for those who are built bigger than I am, but for me it was really hard to find something that fit me. I tried on the pants and they would fit tight on the legs, but big on the waist, no matter the size I tried. HOWEVER, the kid’s collection fit large too, so YES I did buy 2 dresses (pictured below) from the kids section. I am not ashamed. Because instead of spending $40 on a dress, i spent $28 and it fit me even better. So, HA I WIN!

victoria beckham x target

victoria beckham x target

But in all seriousness, I think this was a good collection for the older audience, not so much for teens or people in their mid 20s.

My mom found a lot of pieces that fit her really well in the collection, so maybe this was Target’s attempt at changing their consumer base. However, I do not think there were enough pieces for their younger audience. The quality varied depending on the product, some were higher quality than others.

Overall, I would give this collection a C. The designs were good and the quality was ok, but nothing was overly spectacular like their past collaborations. The prices were very low, so although I wouldn’t say it was “designer” quality, they were very trendy pieces.

Did you buy anything from the collection? What designer do you want them to collaborate with next?

xoxo Gabriela