Most Worn Items in my Closet & Key Winter Wardrobe Pieces- VIDEO

I have way too many clothes, my wardrobe is about to burst! So, I decided to go through it and pick out some of my most worn items. Being a fashion blogger, there is a lot of pressure on you to constantly be buying and wearing new items. But the majority of items that I wear are old and broken in.

This winter, there are a lot of trends that have circled back around from years ago. You probably already have some of these pieces in your closet, so watch the video below to see what you should dig back up!

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What are your most worn items?

xoxo Gabriela

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Items I Talked About:

Miss Selfridge Sweater: Similar
Primark Dress: Similar
Plaid Flannel: EXACT
Blazer: Similar
Lace up Sweater: Similar
Tank Top Bodysuit: Similar
Turtleneck Bodysuit: Similar
Black Denim Jeans: Similar
Favorite Blue Jeans: EXACT
Leather Jacket: EXACT
Black Fedora: Similar
Pink Leather Booties: EXACT Similar:
Adidas Superstar Sneakers: EXACT
Louboutins: EXACT
Black Crossbody Bag: EXACT