How to Freshen Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring has sprung here in NYC! The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising, and I can finally leave my house without pants on (who’s with me?). Although I love the warm weather, I feel like sometimes we all get into a fashion rut. We throw on whatever dress we can find, pair it with some sandals and call it a day. But I really think the spring and summer months are a great time to start experimenting with your outfits.

I have been looking for a long dress with a slit for quite a while and just couldn’t find one. While I was sifting through the colorful mass that is Forever 21, I found this purple one that I absolutely loved. This dress is buttoned in the front so you can adjust how low you want the neckline to go and how high you want the slit to be. I normally do not like dresses that hit at the midi length, but I decided to try it out and add something different to my spring wardrobe. This ended up becoming one of my favorite dresses I own.

So my advice to you this season is to try something new. Maybe pick a new color to add to your wardrobe, or try a different silhouette of a dress or skirt to freshen things up. You never know what you will find if you open up your mind to the vastness of fashion.

Dress: Forever 21
Sandals: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: LOLA NY

Comment of the Day: What’s your favorite store for Spring fashion?

xoxo Gabriela

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