Semi Formal 2017: A Lesson in Confidence

semi formal FIT 2017

This past Thursday was the semi formal at FIT. I was super excited for it (It was Phantom of the Opera themed), but I have a pretty bad track record when it comes to finding a dress. For my senior prom, I bought a dress months in advance, but then a week before Prom I decided I didn’t like it and bought a new one… 4 days before Prom. Needless to say, I was worried this event would be similar. However, after stressing for multiple days over what to wear, I realized that the problem wasn’t a lack of dresses, it was a lack of confidence.

semi formal FIT 2017 semi formal FIT 2017 semi formal FIT 2017 semi formal FIT 2017

Dress: Necessary Clothing
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)
Choker: Necessary Clothing (similar)

semi formal FIT 2017 semi formal FIT 2017semi formal FIT 2017

When I tried on this red dress from necessary clothing, I loved it (doesn’t it look like the 💃 emoji?). But when it got closer to the formal, I got nervous. Is it it too formal? Was it too long? Too tight? All these questions kept popping into my head. I even bought another dress the morning of the semi formal (which is now sitting in my closet staring at me sadly) because I was certain everyone would hate it. After showing my friends the dress, and hearing their positive responses, I decided this was the dress I should wear.

I reached a second hurtle when we were walking to the event space, my shoes immediately gave me a blister and I could not walk. Instead of focusing on “how stupid I looked” or thinking “everyone is hating that I’m slowing them down”, I decided to use my newfound boost in self confidence and take a minute to bandaid my feet. By taking a moment to breathe, I was able to prevent the panic attack that I could feel was starting to happen, and fixed a problem that would have been coming up all night.

Once we got to the Pier, all of my doubts and self confidence issues went away. The event space was gorgeous, and it was full of some of the nicest students FIT has. It was surprisingly such a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment. Since we go to fashion school, there is sometimes a judg-y vibe over what clothes you are wearing, but this dance was completely different. There was such a variety of what people were wearing; everything from super casual rompers to full length ballgowns.

This was when I realized, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault that I wasn’t finding a dress. The dress wasn’t too formal, my shoes weren’t too casual, it was all in my head; I was not confident enough with myself. Nothing you put on is going to look right if you are not confident with yourself. So, my lovely readers, I hope you learned something here. Or if not, I hope you learned that you should shop at Necessary Clothing because this dress was only $20!!!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting! School is super intense as we get closer to finals week, but I’m done in a week so get ready for a lot of posts this summer 🙂

xoxo Gabriela

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