Store Windows Trend Spotting- Red HOT and Professional Purple

Just like with street style, the window displays of various retailers give a sneak peek into the trends for the upcoming season. The window displays from Macy’s were in a vibrant and powerful red color, which further validates that red is a key color for the fall season. In the Saks Fifth Avenue windows, they showcased designer pieces in the same bright hue. Not only were there full red outfits, but red accent pieces, like the red fur hat and floral dress detailing, were subtle ways this key color was incorporated.

Another key color that I saw in these windows is purple. Milennial pink was, and still is, all the rage right now, but we are seeing a switch to a cooler toned purple hue. A wide range of designers are creating looks using this color, like Topshop and Michael Kors. And, you can see throughout some of these images, there are pops of purple, which adds a unique element to the displays.

What is your favorite window display?

xoxo Gabriela